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How To Tie A Knot In A Cherry Stem With Your Tongue

Difficulty: Hard

Materials Needed:

  • Cherry Stem
  • More Patience Than Usual

This is one of the hardest bar tricks to master, and few will actually succeed. The reason behind this is that what you see is what you get. You actually have to tie a cherry stem with your tongue & teeth.

There is some preparation that will help. First, use maraschino cherry stems. These are softer and more flexible than others, making the task slightly easier. Before putting the cherry stem in your mouth, consider showing your audience that it's real and not knotted by bending it back and forth a few times with your fingers. This will continue to soften it making positioning inside your mouth easier.

The basic motion is to place the cherry stem perpendicular to your tongue and under your tongue. Push down on it with your tongue and the two sides will pop up. After a little work, you should be able to form an overlapped circle. Once the circle is complete, pin the top of the circle to the roof of your mouth with your tongue and roll it forwards and backwards until you feel one of the ends 'catch'. This is the beginning of the knot.

If you get to this stage, congratulations! An easy way to tighten the knot is to drag back on the knobby stem with your teeth as you pull the stem out of your mouth. It is possible to strengthen the knot while the stem is still in your mouth by pushing on the sides of the loop, however this is extremely difficult.

Still can't get it? Some people find success with gnawing on the stem a bit to loosen up the form. If you ever find yourself in a public position and are unable to perform, keep plugging at it and just when the people next to you lose interest and turn, pull a substitution bar trick & swap out a pre-knotted stem as you shout for joy. Remember to practice first next time!

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