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How To Remove Paper Quickly From Any Two Objects

Difficulty: Medium

Materials Needed:

  • Dollar, Napkin, Paper, Card, etc...
  • Coin, Bottle, Glass, Pencil, etc...

This is a well known concept that has already been driven into the ground. Because of this, we're grouping all of these bar tricks into this one explanation. If you need specific applications, ask your grandmother.


When people say that they can remove paper from between two objects (ie Money from between two bottles, a bottle & coins, etc...), the act basically boils down to speed & straight tracking. Therefore the variations of this club trick lie with how to position your hands to achieve the most speed without twisting or turning the extraction medium.

To remove a card lying flat on a table from under a bottle, you cannot simply grab the card with your fingers as the bottle will surely tip. Instead, lick your middle & index fingers and quickly swipe them across the card, keeping the card flat on the table.

To remove a dollar from an elevated position (ie: between two bottles stacked), try holding the edge of the dollar with your non-dominant hand and quickly karate chop the center of the bill with your index finger. The downward motion will give you a boost in speed, which will usually over-shine the downward angle.


If a dollar is floating in liquid trapped between two glasses, think about the thinnest rigid item around (ie ID or playing card). This scenario is one of a small list that requires slow movement to work. You'll need to slide the card between the two glasses slowly as to not upset the natural vacuum that was created to hold the fluid in the first place.

If a bottle is turned upside down and you suspect that paper or napkin is wet around the brim, you will not be able to quickly extract the paper. Instead, begin to tightly curl the exposed end and slowly 'curl' the bottle off the paper and onto the table. Curling the paper allows you to slowly move the bottle off while not touching the bottle's surface keeping you within the rules of most situations.

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