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How To Re-Light A Zippo Lighter With Your Breath

Difficulty: Medium

Materials Needed:

  • Zippo Lighter

This club trick is really cool. You will need a standard Zippo lighter, however you could probably master this one on the spot by borrowing a friend's. You light the lighter, run your fingers over it to extinguish the flame, and after a short blow the flame comes back to life!

The baseline for this bar trick is that after extinguishing the flame, it never actually goes out. The flame will be invisible from the front and very tiny, however a short burst of air will re-ignite the full flame in all it's glory.

Before lighting the Zippo, you'll need to make one small adjustment. As you're holding the Zippo, push the wick to the right and slightly down with your finger. This will allow the tiny flame to 'hide' under the wick as it starves itself of oxygen.

Fire needs three things to burn - Ignition, Fuel, & Oxygen. After sparking the fuel for ignition, the lighter pulls oxygen from the air that collected as soon as you opened the top. If you take away the oxygen, the fire will burn for a while longer, but as a tiny flame.

Light the Zippo and with a smooth motion, pull two fingers over the top of the lighter. Your fingers will need to hover over the flame pretty close to the base to cut off oxygen, however if you keep moving them it shouldn't burn too much (BE CAREFUL!).

After the flame is visibly out, any burst of air in the Zippo's direction will re-light the flame. Some variations to blowing on it with your mouth include clapping your hands, thrusting a hand forward as if delivering a fireball, snapping your fingers (taking care to move air with your palm as you snap).

If you have any trouble, search videos about 'Twilight Zone Zippo'. The Twilight Zone popularized this bar trick, and it has been highly regarded as an amazing party trick ever since.

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