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How To Instantly Freeze Beer By Tapping The Bottle

Difficulty: Easy

Materials Needed:

  • Beer
  • Freezer

Perhaps you've seen a video of this bar trick in the past and assumed it was edited to appear real, but was nothing more than clever cinematography. The truth is that the club trick is not only real, but very simple to pull off.

You'll need a bit of preparation for this bar trick, and since it requires a freezer it may be better suited for an in-home event (unless you network well with the bartender).

Start off by freezing a beer. It won't actually freeze for a very long time, but this is exactly how you want it. Freezing cold, but still fluid. A few hours should be perfect to pull off this dinner trick.

Because the beer is cold enough to freeze, but not quite frozen, it doesn't take much to tip it over the edge. With the compressed CO2 embedded in the brew, a small tap will release hundreds of tiny bubbles freezing the entire beer solid within seconds.

There's probably a ton of science explaining why this club trick happens. We won't bore you with the details, and this bar trick will probably go over better if you don't bore your guests with the details. Relevant Scientific Fact #1: This trick is kick ass.

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