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How To Guess How Many Sections Are In A Lemon

Difficulty: Easy

Materials Needed:

  • Lemon

You probably won't find an easier bar trick that can be used outside the doors of your local club. In this 'Magic Lemon' club trick we will be communicating with an unsliced lemon through a metaphysical medium to ask it how many sections it contains before chopping it up. Actually, you could tell your audience anything that fits the atmosphere because the only real component to this party trick is to actually count the number of 'feeding tubes' that the lemon tree used to create the lemon.

This club trick requires a little preparation. You'll need to physically inspect the lemon before putting on your little routine. The little green stem (if present) will need to be broken off, and you will need to count the number of little white dots that make up a circle around the stem's base. Once you know this number, you can craft a routine around this piece of information.

Some people have touched the lemon with the preface that in doing so, the lemon will tell them what the magic number is. Others have put the lemon up to their ears and let the fruit 'whisper' what the magic number was. In the end what's important is that you don't miscount, because after all the hype, you will seem like a fool if you're wrong.

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