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How To Balance Forks On A Toothpick

Difficulty: Easy

Materials Needed:

  • Two Forks
  • Toothpick
  • Glass Brim or other Raised Surface
  • Matches/Lighter (Optional)

For a person relatively new to the scene, this bar trick will definitely give you the most bang for your buck. It's a super easy club trick which requires no preparation and little time to amaze while keeping your audience at the edge of their seats in suspense throughout the duration of the party trick.

First, start out by gathering the materials. You'll need two forks (clean preferably), a toothpick, and a risen surface such as a glass or bottle. To stage this bar trick you can be very creative and plan out a little spiel about the balancing act, or you can just jump right in.

You'll need to press the two forks together to form a solid unit. This is usually done pretty easily by "weaving" the tines together. Face the two forks towards each other as if you were scooping up pasta from a dish. From this alignment, press the first and fourth tine down on the right fork, and pull the first and fourth tine up & over on the left fork. For the middle two tines do the opposite. Second & third tine on the right fork up, while the left fork's second and third rest below. See the picture for additional description.

Ready to move on? You are almost done! Putting the forks together is the most difficult part.

Simply find the balance point of the forks by sliding a toothpick between the second & third tines. This will require a little adjusting, but when you feel that it is set, place the toothpick on the edge of your raised surface.

Slide the toothpick forward or backward depending on where the forks want to balance. Once you find that sweet spot, the party trick is set.

If you want to get really daring, light the excess toothpick that hangs over the middle of the glass. The flame will consume the toothpick up until it touches the rim of the glass without affecting the balance point of the forks.

With a little practice, you'll be able to 'bounce' the forks with your finger similar to a bobble head figurine without tripping the balance point.

Having trouble? Try different forks. For the toothpick, attempt this bar trick with a square one for starters. The round ones can be tricky.

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