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How To Always Win A Coin Toss Bet

Difficulty: Medium

Materials Needed:

  • Coin

This club trick is most likely to play out smoothly when the people surrounding you are either inexperienced or inebriated. In order to execute this bar trick, you must be the person tossing the coin. With a little practice, you will be able to tell the two sides of a standard quarter by feeling the surface with your index finger.

Simply call out a side (or have your opponent do so) and toss the coin.

After the coin lands, make it a habit to feel the landing side with your index finger. Every coin will be different, however on the standard US Quarter, the heads side feels smoother than the tails side. Practice with multiple coins so that your finger becomes familiar with different types of currency. If the coin has not landed in your favor, covertly flip it over before you place the coin on your arm. You can do this by rolling your thumb as if to get a grip on it. This party trick is pretty straightforward, but could require a bit of practice to make the motion smooth.

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