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Welcome to ClubTricks.com

Club Tricks, Bar Tricks, Dinner Tricks - they're not new, but for someone new on the scene it can seem overwhelming to dig through all the lame party tricks out there to get something good. We've compiled the best of the best bar tricks and put them all on one site so that you can get an idea of whats out there for your next dinner party. We'll be adding how-to videos of these club tricks and others soon, but in the meantime we've included popular search terms that can help you find other similar bar trick videos on MetaCafe, Youtube, & Vimeo.

May the wind be at your back as you embark on the challenging, yet rewarding journey you're about to experience.


Balance Forks On A Toothpick Easy! Guess How Many Sections Are In A Lemon Easy! Remove Paper Quickly From Any Two Objects Med! Tie A Knot In A Cherry Stem With Your Tongue Hard! Re-Light A Zippo Lighter With Your Breath Med! Always Win A Coin Toss Bet Med! Instantly Freeze Beer By Tapping The Bottle Easy! Whistling Glass Symphony Easy!

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